Maui Tropical Massage :: “Enlighten Up with Massage!”

Massage offered on site at our boutique spa, or…we send one of our therapists to you!  Yes, Maui Tropical Massage is mobile as well & service all sides of the island North, South, East & West!  

2 LMT’s at your service for couples & simultaneous family massage!  


1) 60 minutes – got only 1-2 areas that need work?  This will give me 20-3o minutes to focus on those areas and/or a full body massage to briefly cover other areas.  $80

2) 90 minutes – this will give your body more time for the attention needed to thoroughly address problem areas & bring you into a state of deep relaxation & harmony. $110

3) 120 minutes – Ahhhhh…how often does one really treat themselves to this kind of treat?  Not enough!  Bring the mind/body/soul into a state of deep relaxation.  Experience a full body professional massage with no hurries!  $140 

4) 30 minutes – In a hurry?  No worries…this quick fix will get you back in shape in a jiffy!  $40

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Additional Charges:

•  $20 extra fee if we drive to your location for mobile massage fee.
•  Hotel or Condo Valet Parking up to $10.00+Tip, unless there is free parking available.
•  Booking Massages on the West Side Maui requires two or more Massages that day (tell your friends/neighbors & get booked simultaneously!)
•  Same Day Cancellation fee of $20.00


Sound Healing Table 

Experience the deep cathartic relaxation of a high end “Tactile Sound Table”, essentially, a massage table with speakers on it!

Science has proved that sound/vibrations have a profound effect in the harmonization of cells & our well-being!

The cells of our bodies ‘sing’ to each other, a form of intracellular communication, and do it most effectively in the range 100 to 1000 Hertz with the Tactile Sound Table!

You can choose to get a treatment combined with massage therapy, Or use the Sound Healing Table on its own with special recordings made for the table such as:

*7 Chakra tune-up     *Spine/Vertabrae tune-up    *Binaural Beats journey

*Didgeridoo Dreamtime      *And many more customized playlists


Prices:  $60 hour for Sound Healing Table

$140 hour with Massage + Sound Healing Table


“Oxytocin is released when music is played, like an orgasm.  Music is transcendental, empowering & defuses tension in the body. Simply put, MUSIC IS MEDICINE!”

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