4 Hand Lomi Lomi

Double Lomi Lomi Massage! – Have two therapists working on you simultaneously in this incredible experience! The double lomi lomi massage is the ultimate in luxury, healing, and exotic experiences.


The Lomi-Lomi massage works just like the name already implies – twice as good: with plenty of oil and performed by two massage therapists. This technique is especially good for muscle relaxation, but not only for that! Through the double action, beneficial effects are achieved also on your mind.

Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, but with 4 hands!! Experience a soothing Hawaiian style massage that uses long, rhythmic, flowing movements to relax the mind, body & spirit. The massage is usually a medium firm pressure but it can be deeper or lighter depending on your preference. Add hot stones to the mix to deepen & enhance this magical experience. There is nothing like 2 people dedicating all four hands to your moments of relaxation!

60 minutes – $150

90 minutes – $220

120 minutes – $280

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